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IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CARD, YOU CANNOT BOOK ONLINE. PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE at 716.580.2520 TO DO SO. international appointments for clients outside of the US and Canada will be charged an international of 50.00



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. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$300

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Celebrity Psychic Medium, Karyn Reece, is known amongst clients, celebrities, and media as one of the most accurate psychics in her field with an over 98% accuracy (average psychics being 50% accuracy.) Unlike most psychics, Reece is known for providing very specific details such as names, numbers, dates, and times and how they relate to one’s life in the present, past, or future. Because she is both a psychic and a medium, she receives information from both spirits and the universe.

As a former stockbroker and business owner, Karyn is not your average psychic. She uses her gift and expertise as a way to guide her clients in making smart personal, professional, and financial decisions while providing closer and peace of mind. In addition to individual readings, Reece works with businesses and corporations to meet their business objectives and capitalize on winning strategies and gains.

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3 reviews
  • Theresia Falkhofen·

    Karyn was amazing! I highly recommend her, she really has the ability to connect with your loved ones. She knew things she could not have known ( names etc.. ). She is a real medium!

  • Mary Pechorin·

    Karyn knows what she’s doing. I had the reading with her not very long time ago, and a few things have already played out the way she said they would. She was very accurate on my past, present life, names of the fam members and more. She is also a sweetheart, cute and funny;)

    Thank you Karyn for what you do 🤍

  • Angel McRaeCrosby·

    I have had a few readings with Karyn. Not only is she a kind knowledgeable soul, she is accurate at her profession. There were very detailed comments / insight about what was to take place in my future and over a period of a few years it played out. Then another reading, again great accuracy. You will be pleasantly surprised. Take notes